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Sunday, 31 July 2016

Poison Girl | Review

My favourite perfumes usually have a story behind them. My first proper perfume that I bought for myself with my very first student nurse pay check was Hypnotic Poison
I had already spent about a year before that taking the occasional illicit spray of my sister's bottle (sorry, Aoife. I'm a wagon but I smell great) so I was already in love with it and continued to be for pretty much my entire twenties. 
A whole decade of a favourite perfume means that I'll always love it. Being a beauty addict, I obviously also went through several other fragrances but I always went back to the heady and potent scent of vanilla in HP. I don't care what the base and top notes are, I just know that I love it. 
Every time I inhale it (and you best believe I inhale that shizz. I'm talking; fill-your-lungs, make an inappropriate mmm-sound, take-an-extra-deep-breath-of it-just-in-case, inhale) I'm transported back to college nights out, work nights out, time with friends, family, dates, holidays, everything really. 
I love it. Did you get that, yeah? That I love it? 
Grand, let's move on. 
So this Summer Dior brought out a brand spanking new version of Poison, Poison Girl. I have in the past had all of their previous varieties of Poison so, of course I had to try this. I spent plenty of time at Dior beauty counters sniffing and spritzing this one, trying to decide whether to get this or buy a new bottle of HP. In the end I just hinted like bejaysus to himself around the time of my birthday and lo and behold, here is Poison Girl:

Poison Girl

Just in case you do in fact want an idea of what your olfactory senses are picking up, here's what you're smelling, as per Dior; 

Poison Girl is a gourmand with bitter orange accents, rose, vanilla and tonka bean

I'm with yis on the first three, Dior, but I've no idea what Tonka bean is when it's at home. Aside from that, the rose makes for a nice floral intro, which means it's Summery and a little sweet but then you get that warm and addictive hit that all the poison perfumes have. 

Hypnotic poison

How then, you might ask, does it compare to my original fave, Hypnotic Poison?
Well, HP is an oriental blend, so you have jasmine, bitter almond, Jacaranda and vanilla and musk. It's a downright sensuous (major cringe at the word sensuous), captivating, intoxicating and slightly extravagant affair. 
Poison girl is very much its baby sister. In terms of longevity, I can smell HP on my coat days after wearing it. One spritz in the morning and I'm good for the day and I'll never get tired of it. 
PG wears off more quickly but I'm still drawn to it like a moth to a sexy-perfume-scented flame. 
PG is different for sure; a completely different beast, obviously but it's still a really gorgeous scent and is ideal for Summer. It manages to straddle the world of daytime and evening appropriate perfumes extremely well indeed. 
It's very lovely.

Poison Girl

Gotta love that poison apple bottle design too. ALL the swooning. 

Anyone else tried Poison Girl? 
Anyone else also love it and also obsessed with Hypnotic Poison?


  1. The only Poison one I've tried is Pure Poison, twas the first Christmas perfume himself got for me nearly 14 years ago and I ADORE it. I've never smelled any of the others at all!

  2. I got my free sample of this perfume today, I love it! Smells amazing, deffo going to buy a full bottle of it :) I got the sample from fantasticfreebies - so good :)