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Monday, 18 April 2016

Chloé Love Story | Review

When I was growing up, my mum loved the original Chloé perfume. You know the one; heady, musky, 80's. Of course, because she loved it, I loved it too. That was until the new Chloé perfume came out some ten years ago. I fell for that big time, and only one sniff in!
Since then, Himself has bought me almost every version of it, which has worked out super well for me, as you can imagine. Aside from the always slightly awkward moment when someone asks what I'm wearing and I have to answer "uhhh…Chloé", of course. 
Yeah cause that doesn't make me look like an egomaniac at all. 
So, when the latest instalment came out last year, Love Story, I once again found myself smitten by its beautiful packaging (based on the love padlocks on the Pont des Arts in Paris) and of course, its stunning scent.

Chloé Love Story

That scent by the way is a romantic play on the original fresh floral
This time it opens with orange flower oil designed to mimic the  "intoxicating flush of new love". At the heart of the fragrance, you'll find a seductive hit of stephanotis jasmine- used in wedding bouquets, with a final note of cedarwood, creating a sensual, strong and complex base.

That's the official blurb. I would describe it (using my own less fancy words) as a sophisticated, fresh and feminine white floral that lasts well and is more grown up than I was expecting. While its cousin Chloé is quite powdery (one of the things I really love about it actually), this is a lot less so but still has that classic quality of its forbearer (yeah I know, how can you be a cousin AND a forbearer but sure look..)

Chloé Love Story

So, this beauty is ideal for the following; daytime, work (as it won't irritate your co-workers olfactory senses like you can be full sure 1980's Chloé did, am I right Ma?!), days when the sun is shining and a cool Summery breeze lifts your hair and catches your perfume in the air (ooh la la!), weddings and as a bridal perfume and otherwise just general life. 
Everyone wants to smell incredibly lovely and this is a great way to achieve that.
That accompanying lotion in the top photo by the way? Gorgeous!

C'est ça! Have you tried Love Story? 
Are you a Chloé fan? (again, the perfume, not me. I know you love me.)
To the comments!

*This post is not sponsored. Its contents were not sent for review and as always all opinions expressed here are my own, unless otherwise stated.


  1. I got this giftset for Christmas & really love it. I've used the lotion sparingly & it's nearly finished :-( Love how fresh & feminine it is! xx


  2. The lotion is so fab too, love the scent and such a grift gift set! xx

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