Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Decluttering Your Make-Up Drawer

Everyone seems to be on a general decluttering buzz lately. I don't know if that's due to the changing seasons or possibly the release of this popular book on banishing clutter from your life but either way, now seems as good a time as any to get rid of my old and out-of-date cosmetics. You might not realise it but these products all have use-by dates, after which you probably shouldn't be plastering them all over your delicate skin. 

I was surprised by how much went into the bin if I'm honest. A lot of my make-up collection has been sent to me or provided at events for review so that does explain the sheer volume of products I own but I am less than impressed at how little I've actually used. That needs to change. It's all too easy to get stuck in a make-up rut, using the same favourite products but this has taught me to share the love a little and has reminded me of things I was originally a big fan of and then forgot about. I also found some beautiful items that I was subconsciously "saving for best" so I may well do a feature on those also- they deserve their time in the spotlight too! 

Your make-up containers should all have a little sign like this on them, indicating how long it's safe to use them for. Not all of your products will need to go straight in the bin at the stroke of midnight when it hits that date obviously but it's worth keeping an eye on things you use less frequently- changing smell and colour are often good indicators too. 

And now for my own personal clear out. 
Here's what's gone in the bin:

A fair few old mascaras, dried up foundation tubes and dodgy looking lip glosses.

God speed, friends. You served me and my face well.

Has this inspired you to do your own clear out or are you pretty good when it comes to make-up expiration dates? 


  1. I have always been aware of these dates, but my general rule has always been to keep an eye on changes of texture, colour and smell..... I generally feel that this works best for me....

  2. I'm a stickler for getting rid of makeup that is expired especially eye makeup. It has to be done, and it feels good to have a clear out and make room for new makeup lol

  3. i don't tend to use up a lot of products so i have a fair few things in my stash. i try to use everything that i own on rotation! i have eyeshadow palettes that are at least 6 years old but i haven't hit pan on any of the shadows. it pains me to throw them away, i am such a hoarder. but i only use the products on myself, all my brushes are cleaned regularly and i don't see why i can't use them past the sell by date. unless of course they have "gone off" i will dump them but if not, i'll hold on to them!

  4. The only thing I periodically dump is mascara - I'm really wary of putting things near my eyes, but I don't dump anything else unless it's used up or it's a million years old, I'm afraid that I'd have too much unused things to throw out!