Tuesday, 17 December 2013

TanOrganic Tan Bag

If you're still running around, picking up last minute gifts for your loved ones, I have another idea for you today! I know, I'm handy like that. Recently I was offered the chance to try out the TanOrganic Tan Bag*, a gift set inside a woven bag containing a 100ml bottle of TanOrganic Original (an Eco-certified organic tan that's kind to skin), a 100ml Oil Organic (the newest edition to the range, designed primarily to help fade your tan evenly but also to tackle stretch marks, scars and as an all round multi-purpose product for healthy hair and nails). As well as the two main products, you also get a luxury tanning glove (double sided with a thumb, unusually enough- this is to make applying your tan a bit easier) and a Tan Erase glove (basically, an exfoliating glove).

TanOrganic Tan Bag
Moisturising Dry Oil on the left, Self tan on the right, the Woven Bag can be seen in the background.
Tan erase glove on the left, Luxury tanning glove on the right.

I used this for the first time over the weekend and although I remembered to take a before shot, the after shot was completely forgotten about. It's now wearing off so I didn't really think there was any point in showing you a picture of that, as it's not particularly exciting. Anyway, enough jibber jabber, here are my thoughts:
What I loved:
  • This is actually a lovely gift set; it looks expensive and luxurious and I would be delighted to receive it as a gift. The bottles themselves are well designed, with the glass and wooden lid mix adding to the natural feel of the products. It feels quite "high end".
  • It does claim that the tan has "no smell", however on application it has quite a strong lemony scent, which I quite liked but might not be everyone's cup of tea.
  • I like tans that need to be left on for a longer period of time- this suggests 6-8 hours, which I prefer as it means I can put it on before bed, go to sleep, then wash it off the next day. It didn't transfer to my clothes or my bed sheets.
  • It only requires a few drops at a time and spreads easily and although there is no "guide colour" to tell you how you're doing, when I washed it off the next day I was streak free. It looks very natural, golden and more of a healthy glow than anything- definitely more my style of tan as I veer very much to the paler side of things and although I love the look of tan, all I really want is that natural bronze that this provides.
  • This set is €39.99, which I think is a really good price point for two full size products as well as both gloves and the bag, which would be very handy for travelling.
What I didn't love:
  • The application glove does indeed make it very easy to apply but just a word of warning- it needs a quick spin in the washing machine first as I originally tried to use it straight from the pack and little fibres from the glove transferred onto my skin with the tan, which I had to wash off straight away. Once it was clean, it was perfect for use though.
  • I do prefer a tan with a stronger guide colour- TanOrganic is a very runny liquid in a light brown colour so it's hard at times to know for sure if I had covered everywhere. Luckily I had but I think that was more likely due to careful application. 
  • While it was developing it had a very strong "fake tan" scent. This didn't really bother me, because I actually don't really mind the smell of fake tan (does that make me weird?) but it might be something to bear in mind.
  • You really need to exfoliate well beforehand, I made the mistake of forgetting to exfoliate my hands and was left with super tanned knuckles- obviously very much my own fault!
Also to point out, I've used the dry oil only once and I really liked it. I would've used it more but I've been struck down by an evil cold and am mostly struggling to get out of bed so moisturising has gone out the window a bit. 
So overall, I would definitely recommend the TanOrganic Tan Bag. I really liked the result of the tan; most important for me is that it should be streak free and not orange and it ticks both of those boxes. I also love the aesthetic of the packaging and the brand history; the fact that it is Irish and is the world's first Eco-certified tanning brand, made from 95% certified organic ingredients is a big plus for me.
You can pick this up now in pharmacies nationwide or on the website HERE.

What do you think? Have you tried TanOrganic? Would you like to unwrap the Tan Bag on Christmas day?!

*Press sample, gratefully received. All opinions my own, as always :)

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  1. Thanks for this review! I may have to get it as a gift for myself :)