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Thursday 28 March 2013

Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector

I've been lusting after this beautiful gloss for an absolute age so was delighted to receive it as a gift recently. While Clarins originally produced this in only three shades, they've since brought out several new ones, all of which look rather lovely. I however had my heart set on this one from the original line-up 01- Rose Shimmer, a stunning milky pink which in spite of the name actually has no shimmer in it at all.

It's a very pretty pink gloss that looks natural yet still manages to enhance the appearance of the lips. It smells really good too- like vanilla flavoured sweets and the packaging is very aesthetically pleasing. I also like the application of it- it's a soft nib that the gloss is squeezed through, so very soft on the lips.

Here's the brands description:

"The ideal lip perfector for smooth, perfectly shaped lips with subtle, natural colour. A soft, gel formula that nourishes, repairs and protects. Day after day, lips are visibly more beautiful".

I would agree with all of that except the "day after day" part as I haven't been using it long enough to judge. It has left my lips softer though even after a couple of uses. The only negative thing I would say about it is that it isn't crazy long lasting but I almost prefer that because it means the formula isn't as sticky or tacky as a lot of longer lasting glosses can tend to be.
Overall, I absolutely love this gloss. I now have my eye on the original peach shimmer and will definitely be checking out the newer shades.

Have you tried any of the Clarins Lip Perfectors?


  1. I'm using this nearly every day, love it!

    1. It's fab isn't it? I can't wait to check out the new shades.

  2. I haven't tried any of them but I love that shade. It looks lovely on you